What should we eat for our classroom potluck?!

Question: What should we eat for our classroom potluck?
In our algerbra 2 class, we have these things we like to call "potlucks" and we all bring food and share with eachother. So tomorrow we want to have the most amazing potluck EVER! but we are kind of stuck on what to bring...any ideas? :)


Are any of these foods ever cooked and prepared foods...or just snack things?

Usually schools are funny about what you can bring into a class for others to eat...meaning the items have to be sealed like from a store so no chance of tampering or having anything spoiled. People may have food allergies/sensitivities....or maybe the person making the item doesn't have the best standards when it comes to cleanliness and preparation.

So classrooms may order pizza...kids may bring in cupcakes from a grocer's bakery or cookies and treats like that....drinks bottled individually like Capri Sun.

Make everyone get one take-out dish from a different world restaurant. One person brings gyros, indian, chinese, vietnamese, mexican, whatever.

Well..that's what a pot luck is..when everyone brings a dish to share! What to bring depends on what sources you have. Fridge? Stove? oven? Or does everything need to be cold?


what ever each of u bring

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