Help me plan this carnival PLEASE ?!?!

Question: Help me plan this carnival PLEASE ?!?
Okayy , so my class is throwing a carnival and I'm kind of in charge of it . So I need a company that sells foods in BIG packages for SMALL prices . Also , I want to find a company that will let us rent things to heat up the food . For example , hotdog stand , cotton candy maker etc. *ANSWER* :)


Start with the yellow pages of a phone book...look up rentals of equipment like restaurant or call a place that deals with all kinds of rentals of items and ask them (or at least start there and they may have a resource to lead you to).

I googled ''where to rent cotton candy machine" and this list came up>>…

Big packages of food items: Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's>>>wholesale clubs like that--that's where you can buy in bulk. If you don't have a membership...find someone who does and go shopping with can always go online to check their websites to see what they offer in the way of can call them, too.

Do you know anyone that's done a carnival?? ask what they did

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