Fun things to at my 21st party?!

Question: Fun things to at my 21st party?
Its my 21st party on sat night and im having it at my house i have hired clubbing style lights and im gunna deck the house out really cool i also have a masdive marque out side a good music system ive supplied 25 litres of top shelf spirits 5 slabs of beer and im going to make 100 jelly shots with vodka ivebalso made and filled an adults style pinata and i have 22 people coming i am also catering heaps of snacks and food does this party sound good and what are some funbthings we can fo at
My party to kerp it entertaining, thanks in advance


Sounds awesome. You don't need much else. It's not like you need to schedule games and things, your adults. People drink, eat, talk, laugh, dance, on their own. Maybe some drinking games though, that's always fun.

I doubt it Poker. This game works well with a group of people. Whoever loses the hand, has to take a shot. If one person is able to bluff so everyone drops out, everyone but that person takes a shot.

You can have a form of Truth or Dare. Print up some truth and dares to give the players a choice already printed before hand or a truth/dare from one of their friends.

Are you too old to have a mini marshmallow fight? It can get sticky.

You suggest your friend, Each friend do different-different acting, Comedy acting then take enjooys in the party..........

beer pong, beer funnel, bathtub filled with beer, beer


Beer pong:)

all you need is ping pong balls,beer,plastic cups:)

By the sounds of the party, seems entertaining enough. Have fun ;)

can i come :)

here is always a fun game: you have 3 people playing and you give them a scene to act out (say a U.S submirine has a spy on board and one person is trying to find out who it is. but he doesn't actually find out), but the other two people can only say 2 lines each. (say one person can only say: Oh my goodness, what is that? and: should i use my gun?. and the other person can only say: When's lunch? and: Wow that is huge!) . it is very entertaining

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