I need ideas to decorate for my 13th birthday party. ?!

Question: I need ideas to decorate for my 13th birthday party. ?
I'm turning 13 and my party is in 6 days. The theme is hot pink, white, black, and zebra print. I have pink and black balloons, And pink, black, and white streamers, and tons of other stuff!! Any ideas on how to put up the streamers and balloons? I have a big house so there's plenty of room . (:


Those are really fun colors!
Put the streamers over furniture, but balloons on the seats where you will be eating, maybe get balloons that stay in the air and dont come down (sorry I forget what they are called, lol) and put them in random spots in your house.If you have stairs put the streamers on them.

first of all happy b-day. 2 you can fill up the balloons with helium.

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