Please answer this question????!

Question: Please answer this question????
I want to open an online candy bouquet store , can anyone just do this? Do you have to be a certain age? Do you have to a have a buissness degree or some bull like that?? Pls help, my thanks in advance :)


Anybody can start their own business. Just have a plan on what you're about to do. You should know what you're doing before starting your business. A lot of people start one, not knowing what they are doing, and fail. Also you're going to need some money. You're opening an online candy bouguet store? So you wouldn't need as much money, but just enough to get started.

You will need a considerable amount of money to open your own buisness. You will need to buy a website URL and then you'll need supplies and definitely advertising.
Good luck with your candy store!

Hope this helps(:


no degree

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