Do you believe in God?!

Question: Do you believe in God?
I don't.
BQ: if yes, then why?



BQ: They're all going to say some stupid reason like "I just have faith." or "Look around you. How could there not be a god." The truth is, people believe in god because when they were young and impressionable their parents made them believe. Same with Santa. The only difference is there comes a time when they stop believing in the other fairy tales.

I'm loving the fake answers. lol. You don't know why you believe and it makes you feel better to come up with a comforting answer. It's pathetic. How can you be so dense to believe that a man lived in a whale, two of every animal fit onto a boat, the universe was created in 7 days by a magic man in the sky, a dude was crucified and came back to life, under the ground somewhere is a fiery place where bad people go, and if you pray to a ghost you can be forgiven. God loves you but he shows you his love by damning you to hell for not believing in him. He scares you into submission out of pain of death. I pity you. You live your life deluded and brainwashed never knowing the truth about the world around you, putting your faith into man made ideas that aren't even real.

Have you ever told a little kid that if he kept making a funny face it would stay that way? My mom told me that. And you know what? I believed her. because she was my mother and I trusted her. Same reason why kids believe in religion. A large percentage of the time you are born into your religious beliefs. As a child your parents tell it to you and you believe it all without question. "Mommy said it so it must be true." All your life you have been told that god is real. It's legalized brainwashing. You never have a choice. If you were taught from birth that all white people are bad, chances are you would be a massive bigot your entire life. You believe it. You don't know why you believe it. You look for proof and it isn't there. But you still believe. Because you are brainwashed.

@J: I was just using Christianity as an example. It could have easily been Islam with a tyrant turned prophet who had a lusting for 6 year old girls and developed a religion based off of pre-made religions of the very people he despised. Or Judaism, where the main prophet would have willingly killed his kid because "god" told him to. I'll freely make fun of any bullshit religion. :D

And I also understand that some people believe in god without following a faith. If anything I have NO problem with believing in god. I just have a massive problems with Earthly religions. I may not be certain if there is a god (no one is) but I do know that he is nothing like the gods that people worship.

No I don't. I was Christened as a Catholic, and went to a Catholic Primary school. At that age I went along with everything because at that age you tend to believe what you are told. But, I don't remember ever reeally believing it, if you know what I mean. I don't remember ever praying and believing that there was someone listening. Fair play to people who believe in God, I have nothing against them, and I see how much comfort people gain from their faith, and that must be a good feeling. I sometimes wish I did believe, because it would be nice to pray, and to think there was a higher being looking down on me watching me and looking after me. I just don't believe it, and can no longer pretend that I do.

I am agnostic which means I don't deny or confirm that God exists... There is no proof either way in my opinion... We will all find out though when we die.


@ Cecil... How do you know that everyone who believes in God is a Christian? Aren't there people out there who believe in a higher power, but aren't Christian? I know many people... You can't just assume that everyone who believes in God has a "faith" or that their faith is "Christianity" how would you know that?


@Cecil... I see and I agree with you on a lot of points! You are speaking the truth... I love when people can go into detail and back up their thoughts with substance! Religious people just say things like "Yes I believe because it is my faith" or "How else were we supposed to be made?" but... the fact of the matter is, I have studied almost every religion and I know it is as much as a fairy tale than Greek mythology. I may be agnostic but I am leaning toward Atheist... I'm not gonna get too deep in this, but Cecil has said A LOT of stuff I agree with... Religion seems like a cult where people just take what they are told since they were a child, and run with it, with no further investigating or research, they allow fear to scare them into following "God" blindly... Where as most Atheist and Agnostics I know, didn't allow the "fear of hell" scare them, we crossed boundaries and taboo, and we did research, and we questioned those who claim they have faith, and we seem more knowledgeable...


I find it all quite illogical; The earth was created by science, as were people, plants, and animals. When we die our bodies no longer 'work', how could we go somewhere where we are able to think and operate as if we were alive again?

Nope, I'm atheist

BQ: Because people created God, not the other way around. There's strong evidence in sociology and anthropology that primitive humans came up with the concept of "higher being" as a coping mechanism.


I am not going to explain why. Too many Atheists on this site wanting explanations. If you know, then you know. That's the best answer I've got.

Yes I do.

BQ: Because He has answered many prayers in my life that would not have happened if I didn't pray.


yeah always
all the time
because i can't believe that my soul .life .earth .sky and the people came from nothing

BQ :: Do you believe that the world come without nothing ???That stupid
there is someone make it :and we should to believe in him


Yes because there has to be someone protecting us

yes i do

because i choose to




I don't want to believe in Darwin ...


I'm right here!

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