Boxed wine: Cheesey to serve at a dinner party, or fine?!

Question: Boxed wine: Cheesey to serve at a dinner party, or fine?
This is going to be an informal dinner party with friends...12 total. A nice dinner, though. Is a box of Black Box wine ok to a case of Blue Moons? Or, should I opt for bottles?


Not cheesy at all! i use boxed wine all the time especially if its a large group. I feel i get more for my money than buying a bottle wine and it taste just as good!

Bottles are not that much more expensive, and you could get a few that sound expensive that are really only a few bucks a bottle and should cost about the same as a box of wine. I personally LIKE box wine-- but some people might see that as tacky, so if you are going to serve it--just do the pouring yourself, so they don't know what they're drinking.
Have a fun party!

Its only cheesy until you make it cheesy. you dont expect to go to some liquor store to go buy a whole bunch of aged expensive wines. and besides its just a party not a super important day that you will remember for the rest of your life. if it is then you should go buy the expensive stuff. a party of 12 deserves something not suber uber best and not the worst. boxed wine is just in beetween

I used to buy bottles of wine, but now we buy boxed. We get a five liter box for 12 is amazing!! Tastes good too. I used to buy a liter and a half for 12 dollars....
You could get a box...and a little bottle...who cares, people generally do not care.

you can decant them into a bottle no one will know

bottles box wine is cheesy

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