Wording for Invitation?!

Question: Wording for Invitation?
I'm having a girls night in at my house and I have no idea what to write on the invitations! Food, drink and fun is what I'm offering but I can't find a fun and exciting way for it come together on the invitations!


Girls night out at my house, great food, awesome drinks and lots of fun will be the order of the day. This will be the time to dish ab out your favourite guy in total confidence (what woman doesn't compare guys). Want to watch movies, suggest your fav to see.

"As one of my dear friends, you are invited to attend an 'All Girls' Cocktail Party at my house on (date)... This will be a time for just us gals to get together and laugh about life, enjoy some great food and sip some champagne, because we can.

Please be my guest and join me for this time just for us."

How about:

I'm having a girls night in at my house! Food, drink and fun is what I'm offering and it will be a fun and exciting time.


I'm sharing a thought...
What do you think?...
About getting together
For some FUN, FOOD, and DRINK?
Just wear a smile
Or a big, happy grin...
Because I'm inviting you over
For a great "Girls' Night In" !

Hey ladies come join us for a night of fun, food and lots of laughs

then you can add details and if they should bring anything good luck and have fun

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