15th birthday party idea, is it crazy?!

Question: 15th birthday party idea, is it crazy?
I always like watching those cake shows on FOODNETWORK! opps left on caps...anyway.
You think my friends would wanna come over and we all make 1 of those cool cakes : D


It would be hard, but it would be a really great bonding thing with your friends.
I bet they would love to come over and do that. Of course you know there will be messes like ''painting'' icing on each others faces (that is fun-just saying). You could get some instructions online on how to make one of those cakes or create your own.

My retarded self and my retarded friends :]

That's a really good idea and you should get your parent's to check with a local bakery to see if someone would be willing to come over and help with decorating lessons. My mom bakes cakes and for my 13th birthday me and my friends baked cupcakes and she helped us make personalized ones that looked really cool. We had a blast!


That sounds really awesome. You should check out local craft stores like Michaels and Jo Annes because they sell premade fondat (sp?) which is the cool crazy colored icing they use. It can be hard to make yourself, I've tried. It's a little expensive, but it's your birthday so go for it! Or consider asking the people you invite to chip in as part of your gift!

Also, check those same stores for free pamphlets. Or, you can email me because I have all sorts of neat ideas and tricks after working in craft stores all through college.

[email protected]

it depends on what they like
but it would be hard. It may look easy, but when you start, you'll realize how bad it will look. But it would be funny! I would go, and i know quite a few people who would, but then again i know quite a few people who wouldnt. It depends on the type of people you hang out with

it sounds like fun to me. in junior high we did a goofy cake mixing oral report in front of the class.


I think it would be hard especially if inexperienced, but very cool and fun!

It's not too crazy of an idea. I bet some of your friends would be into it, but you know your friends better than anyone on here will.

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