Birthday party ideas for older teens?!

Question: Birthday party ideas for older teens?
I'm turning 17 soon and I'm in need of birthday party ideas. I didn't have a Sweet 16 and don't plan on having an extravagant 18th. Many of the ideas I googled are for a small group of people or only directed towards one gender. I plan on inviting 40-50 people, boys and girls. I'm fine with theme parties or places to have fun at, such as Airheads. I live in Florida. I know things are going to get pricey but I'm open to ideas. Thanks in advance! :]


lots of good ideas here:

Going to a beach and chill, Going to the mall, Going to the cinema, a big camp out in your yard, going to a theme park?
~~~ hope this helped :)

Well If U are a kinda person who really likes colors such as a theme to wear a green dress for girls and a green shirts for boys

Get it HAHA

Storb bowling its amazing, Go on a trip to a hotel, Go to an amusment park, a waterpark, and clubbing


You could have a Jersey Shore theme party at the beach! :)

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