Birthday dinner , please help /=?!

Question: Birthday dinner , please help /=?
i want to take my best friend out for lunch or dinner, we've been friends for about 9 years (and i'm 15, she's turning 15)
i don't have a lot of money, but i would like to take her somewhere "nice", not like a fast food place...
i have about 30 dollars and i'd be paying for both of us...

out of these places, where do you think would be the cheapest
-olive garden
-pf changs
-cheesecake factory

* if you have anyother ideas , please let me know (:


30 bucks isn't enough for these restaurants $50.00 would be a better bet the average price in any decent restaurant is $12.98. Depends on the appy as well could work its self up to as high as $27.00. Applebess and chilis are your cheaper option. Before you go there, visit their website or menus in house and understand how much your willing to spend. When you plan for events always plan on the higher price just because you are paying and don't know what they will decide. Depending on the person and place you go to the birthday girl or guy will most likely pick the cheapest on the menu just because they dont want to look too greedy through respect for the friend. Because of your age be wise and look over the menu first and understand that a 12 dollar meal will cost $15 after taxes. Drinks vary depending on the restaurant. Could be free with a platter but could be upto 8.50 a glass. See if the drinks are paid per serving or free after first one. Since your 15 you bill will be lower than if you were legal to drink. Drinks like alcohol gets extremely costly and average bills will get close to $50-75 alone before the meals. Depends on what you buy and how much you drink. Average beer is 5.25 and the average hard liquor is 7.50.

Personally heads up. When calculating the bill before ordering always calculate 10-15% more so you have enough for a tip (if good service), pay for drinks and food.

When going in restaurants having very good math skills helps a lot!

Go online to the restaurants you're interested in and see their menu...then you will have a good idea of what things will cost.

And as for the's actually 15% to 18"%.....not 10%. Sometimes restaurants already figure the gratuity into the bill, so ask if you're not sure or are unclear when reading the bill.

Lunches will be cheaper than I would do that option. Again: check out the lunch menu at the particular restaurants. I would pick Olive Garden, Applebees or Chilis....and try to get some more cash so you don't run short.

the cheesecake factory is a real good place to eat,there portions are huge,so maybe to save money,you guys could split a meal.

hope i helped.(:

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