Food ideas for a 14th b-day party?!

Question: Food ideas for a 14th b-day party?
My daughter's 14th birthday is coming up and I don't know what to make.

Pizza is a stand by, but I was thinking Southern BBQ.
Ribs, a couple of beer can chickens, smoked sausage, a small brisket, and a small ham with all of the sides.

Would teenagers (8 of them) appreciate this kind of meal, or should I stick with burgers and dogs... or the old stand by?


Send them to me and I will take them fishing and they can catch their own meal.

See my other answer for a more serious response but I would really take them fishing if I had them here.

that sounds like an awesome idea, i would love it! sure everyone likes pizza but that is something they are all going to remember! make sure there are no vegetarians attending because that would not be good. also, put out a side dish of salad or something light so that it isn't all just meat and if someone doesn't like the food that much. i think its a really good idea that i would love to do and i think pizza is just way too overused. just remember not to stress out about doing this and if it doesn't work just stick with pizza. hope this helps!

personal experience

The BBQ sounds great but the teens might not appreciate it very much. Maybe something different and unique they don't see often like a Sushi platter (crab meat/cooked crawfish) and some without rice just the rolls or bite sized chicken salad, ham and turkey sandwiches with pizza on standby.

ps mothers like you appreciated.

u could make that but i think pizza would be better. if u do make the special dish, make sure all of the girls eat meat. i m vegetarian and have had that situation with nothing to eat happen to me before and i was starving and had to leave early.

I'm 14 and the idea sounds great the only problem might be its practically all meat so what about if someone is a vegetarian? Also try to have some more options that don't have meat like a salad or rice.

To me that sounds good but I think you should stick with burgers and hot dogs, some potato salad, fruit salad, baked beans. Some of the kids might like the ribs and ham though.

I would do like some sides with it, such as mac&cheese, or things like that
Also, some other ideas are wings, a pasta party with all different kinds of pasta, and make-your-own-pizza

Well for snacks you could have nachos with different dips.

For lunch many people are vegetarians nowadays so you can give them Chinese noodles or something.
But best is pizza cause everyone can eat it!

Have lots of chips, pretzels, & junkfood. For beverages offer soda & lemonade. :)

Thats sounds pretty good! im a teenager around 14, but im a boy.
I think you should make that, but keep burgers and dogs on the side, because they may want some.
You should bring me some food :D

i would stick with the old standby cause everyone loves pizza!

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