im having a safari themed sweet 16 with the main colors zebra, giraffe, pink, &lime green . thats all i know?!

Question: Im having a safari themed sweet 16 with the main colors zebra, giraffe, pink, &lime green . thats all i know?
im completely stuck after that . what woud you do wit a safari them . far as my entrance , &other stuff ?


Oooh, sweet 16. I remember mine.......
anyway haha that was only a few years ago but not about me
Okay Safari
Don't forget the fun tribal techno music. If you look I know for sure you will find some.

Go get some green palm leaves and hang them from the ceiling and entrances and what not.
Also a nice thing to op for at your age is a photobooth.
Get a LARGE jungle animal and place it on a crate in front of a jungle themed background and let your friends take pictures in front of it. Either with their phones or by a photographer (those make great party gifts) Teens love to take pics.

No matter how old you get, face paiting is awesome especially if you can find someone who does stuff like tribal face art and things like that.

Maybe look into someone who has a monkey? haha not sure what your price limit is but sometimes you can find people who will bring their animals as a attraction to your party. Or maybe even a bird (you can get one at petco and talk your parents into letting you keep it as a pet :D )

As an entrance thing, let's see your 16, so can't do guys in loin cloths Lol but how about doing the snake entrance thing (if you aren't afraid of them) or even a safari themed kind of magic appearance, like the magician suddenly turning into you after being wrapped in a huge leaf or something. I don't know. I like to think a bit over the top.

A lot of mystuff was on budget, we can't afford much, but where there's a will there's a way. Just gotta remember to look for the stuff.

Get some stuffed zebras, giraffes, and lions to use for decorations.
Also you could make some Serengeti trees out of paper, color them, and put them on the wall.

For games you could have a treasure hunt with things like zebra and giraffe ipod skins, striped candies, erasers shaped like safari animals, etc.

Play tribal African music. You could play musical chairs to this.

Toss around something safari themed and have a game of hot potato.

Pin the trunk on the elephant.

And for food you could make appetizers that look like freshly killed antelope.

Hope the party is a blast!

They sell animal print balloons. Maybe some safari hats with safari paw print rubber bracelets. :)

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