Turning 30 on Easter Sunday, skip the party?!

Question: Turning 30 on Easter Sunday, skip the party?
For some kooky reason Easter is late this year, it is on what just so happens to be my 30th birthday. Which is fine but I was hoping to celebrate with friends because well my birthday is on a weekend and it's a big celebrating one. Should I go ahead? My friends are mostly agnostic but I am betting they will want to spend the holiday with their families who have plans.


Easter is usually a one day affair why not do something friday night or saturday. The weekend before or after is a good idea as well

Have the party the day before.. on that sat, since everyone will be off on sat and be able to cure any hang overs with yummy easter food. OR you can have the party on Easter night (most people are done with family stuff after the dinner hour) and most people have that Monday off so it shouldn't be an inconvenience.

Happy 30th! Don't skip it-- this is a big milestone :)

Best to do it the weekend before in my opinion. Most folks are fresh, happy, and excited about Easter coming up. Puts 'em in a good mood (more giving too wink wink). I mean it is your 30th after all. The week after Easter most folks have their minds on other things like getting back to business and a party unfortunately may not be one of them. Anyways something to think about.

Happy Birthday in advance!!!

If they have plans with thier families then do Not expect them to show up.

You could go to lunch on Sat or wait a week and go out and have a good time.

If you're worried about not many people being able to make it, why not celebrate either the weekend before or after?

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