Where do I go to get cheap but cute party supplies?!

Question: Where do I go to get cheap but cute party supplies?
Im going to have a party for my girlfriends at my house to celebrate being a women and our friendship but I need some good supplies


Do you have a dollar store around you? Dollar tree is the best, they have a whole row of party stuff and you can't beat a freakin dollar! =D Sounds like a cute party.. have fun!

Target is always a good place to go to for cheap party supplies. Don't go to Party City. They have the same things as Target usually, and at a way higher price. Walmart will probably have cheap things as well, if you don't mind shopping there. Walmart and Target are probably your best options. If you want to get some cheap party food, I would suggest going to Cub or Rainbow for the ingredients.

I'd go to The Dollar Tree. Or even Target. Walmart might even too. Party City and Party Works are expensive.

Dollar tree would be first choice and then go to a department store for what I could not find in dollar tree.

Done it my self

go to party city not always real cheap but has every thing you need for a good price not real expensive

I like your question but cant reply because I dont know.

Input answer source here.

try costco and target or walmart

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