any party theme ideas? like neon or black and white party?!

Question: Any party theme ideas? like neon or black and white party?
we r having a party at this club but we need a theme for it , something really special , any ideas? :)


Mazola party.

Line the floor and 3 feet up with plastic. Dump in a bunch of oil, and people in bathing suits or less. I think you can figure the rest out.

Make the theme be futuristic!!! No robots though. We've seen enough of that. Make people wear shiny, sparkly, cool clothes! Maybe something similar to the clothes in 21 century girl music video. Or if you ever watched shake it up on disney channel, (my little sis watches it all the time) the new episode has some sweet futuristic costume/clothing. You can get clothes similar to that or get inspired. Neon parties are cool too!! And you can make the floor checkerboard!!

fairytale characters... army... thieves+police... angels+devils.....
having two sides eg angels and demons is fun ;)

id also go with the neon idea with uv backlight and strobe lights

Neon and blacklights :)

Can't go wrong with unicorns

A real generic one is Space, like outer space. Its easy!

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