10 points asap: What to have for dinner?!

Question: 10 points asap: What to have for dinner?
My partner and I are so unsure what to have. We don't feel like chicken, or pork, or chinese. We want to have something a little different but not sure as to what! Take away would be good, or even from the shops. Any ideas on something different would be great. 10 points straight away for the best idea! Thanks guys!


Something different and take away could be Sushi - easy and doesn't take long to be delivered. (=

Something easy to make at home that is light yet delicious - mashed potato with pea gravy and fried fish pieces or fried beef.

Some basic pasta with minced beef, cheese and other veges (healthy (=)

Order in pizza - not healthy, fast, delicious and worth every penny ;)

Hope I helped

1. vegetables item will be better
2. bring guide book of cooking
3. make the item which you people want.
4. you can go to the best restaurant of your town
5. where you can easily find out the item which you like to have in your dinner

Mm...check it below. http://ecdeal.info/425831/dinner


Do you have an Afro Caribbean takeaway nearby? Look in phone book for inspiration.

Icy Cherry, Cheese, Pinapple combo

Tapas, I had some the other night, deliciousssss.

try foods from a different culture

Fish and chips... Lol

turkish food

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