im having a party on saturday help!?!

Question: Im having a party on saturday help!?
im 9 and having a boy/girl party on saturday a dance one. Do you have any suggestions for what i need? like ballons chips soda ect.


Ok... Streamers, Balloons, Juice, Soda, Lots and lots of snacks, MUSIC, make a meal and with a lovely desert (preferably have your mom make that stuff), Fruit salad, games, and if you have a Wii that would be cool, everyone could take turns playing it, and watch some t.v and maybe if your weather is nice, go outside and just play ball in the backyard or something or go for a bike ride. I hoped this helped!!!!!!!!!! Good luck on your party!

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You don't need many decorations. Maybe just some cool lights to put around. Balloons are a little childish especially for a dance party.
Have tons of snacks but even more to drink. Chips and dip, popcorn, candy, any kind of snacks you want. If you are dancing you are going to be active and when your active you get dehydrated. So have a lot to drink so you can dance all night long!
The most important thing to have though is really fun music! See if you or someone you know can create a play list or keep an iTunes account open so people can request a song.

Where ever you are holding this party make sure that you have a lot of room for everyone to move but at the same time make sure you have somewhere to sit for people who get tired.

Good luck!

You should also get one of those disco ball things that are like 20.00. I would also make a good playlist for the occasion. You could also get those cheap microphones from the dollar store so people can sing along to the music. You should also have something else going on, just in case some boys are too chicken to dance. You could have like twister set up just for something else to do. Maybe this is too late, but you could also have a theme for the dance such as Hawaiian, 80's, formal, etc. Lastly, you should decorate the room with stars and lights, to make it look like a dance floor. Good luck and have fun!! :)

Okay, My daughter is 11 and she likes to cook with her friends. What I like to do is to buy all the things to make pizza, with all different toppings. Then I let her and her friends each make their own mini pizza's and either make cookies or rootbeer floats, its cheap. as for decorations, balloons, two of your favorite colors, and maybe some streamers!

candy, punch, pixie sticks, ky jelly

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