What is the best party you have ever thrown?!

Question: What is the best party you have ever thrown?
I love throwing parties -- especially ones with a creative theme.

What is the best party you have ever thrown? What made it so special?


Probably my 18th. It was special mainly because of the occasion, and it's the only big party I've ever thrown (the one before that was a swimming party for my 13th birthday!) My family and close friends were all there, the food was great and my dad gave a speech. It was purple themed, so I wore a purple ball dress and everyone came in something purple.

I'm currently planning my 21st which is later this year, so I'll have to get thinking about a theme!

A surprise summer party my parents threw for me! They invited three of my closest friends and it was a ton of fun! We hung out at the pool all day and then went to a really nice restaurant. They slept over at my house and we watched movies and eat popcorn and candy and cake. Sometimes the simpler parties are more fun!

For my 18th I hosted a bomb fire in the park. I invited a big group of friends. We made s'mores. We told stories and jokes. A friend brought a guitar and we sat around and listened and even sang some songs together like in a corny movie. It was great because it costed next to nothing and we all had a great time. Some people even got to know each other and ended up dating probably because it was such a chill atmosphere.

My sweet 16 is going to be the only time i've ever thrown a party but my parents through parties all the time. We have a masquerade ball every year and that's pretty fun.

a swim party!!! they didn't wanna eat cake because it was so fun and I had a Hawaiian theme!!

me myself and I

sorry. I never been to a party.

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