Do you like chucke cheese im going tomoroww?!

Question: Do you like chucke cheese im going tomoroww?
I have 90 tokens for.15 and another coupon 1 large pizza 4 soft.drinks 10o tokens for 32.99 i was thinking.of the 15 and just buy two ceasars pizza for 10 dollars before we go how many tokens do you usually get with two kids and 2 teen do they and how much is their stuff like balloons and birthday.hats birthday but her party.aint for another week


I used to work at a Chuck E Cheese's in Southern California and let me tell you, the place was FILTHY! I mean the crap we found in the crawl spaces would make you sick to your stomach. I started out making the pizzas and let me warn you, they do suck! And do not order anchovies for any reason, it's the least used topping on any pizza and the restaurants store it forever. Yuck... it made me sick when I had to use them. Soon after I was promoted to run the "general store" and was requested of the management to snake kids out of their tickets... meaning if they bought a stupid plastic spider ring and it was supposed to cost five tickets, to tell them it was 8 tickets instead. LOL, mean I know but it worked. Those kids didn't know the difference.

Best part of that job was the fact that our manager let us drink beer and play endless video games after hours... super cool games like Joust, Ms Pacman, Galaga, Asteroids and Tempest... and making out with my boyfriend in the Mr. Munch Crawl under the stage in the main dining room. Oh, to be a teen again.

The place is ok... fun for little kids I guess but a super big rip off for parents.

Have fun!

it's fun for the kids but the pizza is crap

That place is gay as AIDS from a black man

Oh my gosh.

I loved chuckie cheese. they have good pizza.

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