What are some good ideas for a 14th birthday without having a party?!

Question: What are some good ideas for a 14th birthday without having a party?
My birthday is in 2weeks and i dont really want to have a birthday party but i still want to do something fun. . .i want to go somewhere with some of my family and a few friends but im not sure what to do. . .please help! :P


heey my birthday is in 3 weeks you should have your party at home town buffet its a buffet where theres dessert and food involved lol its a pretty cheap place 8 dollars per person I think so yea
or you can just take a trip to the beach!

me myself and I

Well it depends where you live but i live in san jose and i would go to skyhigh or go carting and sometimes raging waters ,great america and santa cruz

Go to a place like Dave and Busters if they have one where you live. Yummy food and fun games! Or just go to your favorite restaurant and mini sleep over after.

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