What Kind Of Food/Drinks/Treats/Snacks/Candy Should I Get For My 13th CARNIVAL B-Day Party?!

Question: What Kind Of Food/Drinks/Treats/Snacks/Cand… Should I Get For My 13th CARNIVAL B-Day Party?
I already thought of a cotton candy maker with cotton candy (of course). A mini popcorn machine to pop the popcorn (of course again :D) and a snow cone machine! I'm inviting about 5 friends or more plus 5 family members (my lil bros... and big bro... mom + dad) and me 1. So 11 people in total! :D Thanks! :D


I would buy the super pretzels (they come in packs of 6 at most grocery stores, sodas would be nice laid back typical carnival food, and if you can (these r difficult to make but a select stores do have them) funnel cakes! I would not forget ice cream. If you want a cake (since it is a b-day party) you could get a cake shaped like a popcorn box (pics- http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/po… If you want an actual meal food get pizza!

Hope i helped (:

funnel cake
ice cream
cotton candy
hot dog

Corn dogs.
Funnel cake.

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