B-day sleepover party ideas? PLEASE HELP, thanks!?!

Question: B-day sleepover party ideas? PLEASE HELP, thanks!?
I am having a sleepover b-day party and I'm inviting 6 other girls... I want some really fun ideas. Also if there is something cheap to do during the day then please give me those ideas too. Thanks!


rent funny movies. play fun interacting games.(idk maybe like charades or something) have a contest pair two girls up and have them each do each others hair and makeup and the team that does the best job gets a prize basket. idk maybe like fake nails in it, some eyeshadow and lip gloss and nail polish and stuff like that. or maybe chech out a scary book with scary short stories in it and read that to the others. maybe make your own tee shirts. stuff like that maybe. hope ive helped some and i hope you have a great birthday! :)

There are a lot of things to do, but I don't know your age range or your idea of fun. During the day you could make your own pizzas or subs, and bake cakes or cookies. At night you can do makeovers, movie marathons, water balloon fights, video game competition (dance off) and/or group board games.


i like zillows anwser..you can paint your nails too!

it's fun to get drunk. just sayin

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