huggd a girl, is she pregnant?!?!

Question: Huggd a girl, is she pregnant?!?
so i saw a really cute girl i liked and i wanted to hug her so bad but was too scared to but i did anyway and im afraid she might b pregnant. help!!!!!!!


I know what your implying for putting this question in this category
"Girl" is a metaphor for a guy and "Hug" is a metaphor for taking seamen to the face
You do have a problem now.... hiding things in metaphor's and all.

I'm a Doctor

You cant get a girl pregnant by hugging her. You actually have to have sex to do that

Not only is she pregnant, but you gave her aids too.

no that is highly impossible

I guess I know why this is in the entertainment section.

how old r u?
cause if u think hugging a girl gets her pregnant ur either rly young or rly dumb


I'm 12 and I don't understand any of this.

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