Help, with pink and gold sweet sixteen!?!

Question: Help, with pink and gold sweet sixteen!?
I'm having my sweet sixteen in June, and my theme/colors is pink and gold. I want this to be elegant but cheap, considering I plan on going to SU in a few years. I got sixteen chocolate roses to go in a vase to put on the sign in table. I got those heart candies. But I don't know what else to get for my decorations, or for center pieces. Please help, with ideas and such. thank you.


What makes the biggest statement and is the most noticeable are helium balloons! Technically, bunches should be gathered in odd for the tables, take 2 pink & 1 gold balloon tied together with weight and insert into smallish paper gift bag with tissue paper coming out. (Since gold balloons are always kind of "blah" to me: get some craft spray in glitter gold to spray them so they have some extra glitz to them). Vary the heights of the bunch.

You can then sprinkle the tables with confetti and gold color chocolate candy coins.

Long pink feather boas can be draped on a long table (adds another texture to the party theme colors).

You can make a festive pink punch...and serve with an ice ring: decorate with EDIBLE flowers in the ring before freezing (or can do ice cubes with a flower in each one). Check grocer's for right ones to get.

If you'd rather do candles for the tables (or on one table cuz I don't know how you have things set up); get glass vases, fill with pink tinted water, can drop in colored stones, marbles, etc and float a tea light in them...can tie gold ribbons around vases. You can even weight down a flower in the vase, too.

You can order specially made M&M's with your colors and have any inscription saying on there that you like:
You can take tulle fabric, cut small squares to hold these candies, tie off with pink and gold ribbons for thank you gift....include a small note or a tag.

You can have tablecloth and add a runner on them (pink cloth with gold runner...or reverse it for some tables). Party napkins in both colors, fanned out nice for food, punch, appetizers, etc.

If you can find an old antique mirror or any mirror with a gold border: use those to hold candle display at main will reflect the light, and again, lend some more interesting adornments to the decor.

Pink and gold party streamers behind the main table starting at a high point and fanning out to bottom..add a few balloons at the top at the point.

When enough of the color is balanced out throughout the room, the theme gets noticed and it will be cohesive. Have a good party!

You could do a pink and gold "happy birthday *place name here* " banner on the wall.
Or, you could make a chain using pink and gold construction paper to put around the house, like this:…

Put a green man he..he..Eric Bana.

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