entertainment ideas for a sweet 16 party?!

Question: Entertainment ideas for a sweet 16 party?
im having a party for my sweet 16 birthday party and i cant think of anything to do for entertainment and i dont have a theme either xD
and i need ideas for entertainment
and i dont wanna do a movie or hire ppl
something unique but simple =]
because i dont think anyone would want to akwardly dance at my party either


awww im guna miss ur 16th birthday party =(
this isnt fair *tear*tear* i wished we lived near each other! But no
u had to live all the way in Canada and me in New York -_-
i misss you lots...and haha i know im not answering ur question
but my mind is frozen lol so i cnt think of anything x.x

the theme should be "missin my cousin terribly" haha jkjk

i rly dont know bc most parties have dancing and music and thats the entertainment. theres not much u can do if u dnt wnt dancing bc if u wnt it to be big and whatnot..its hrd to think of something simple...bc the best i have is a bbq but i know its cold there in canada...x.x idk babes sorry

Rockstar or Celebrity Theme is a good one. I went to one like that and it was awesome seeing people look like celebs, or seeing them in their rocking out clothing and accessories.

For the place you will be at (home or a hall) you can put sections for like comedy, drama, mystery, horror. Things like that. Really make it hollywood. :)

Happy Birthday!!!

do a chocolate sweet 16 theme, no awkward dancing involved :-)

awesome site below packed with ideas:

chocolate theme: http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com/html/s…

other themes: http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com/html/s…



have a black light party! they are always fun and very unique. i went to one and i had a blast! even though we didnt dance, we played so many games with the black light stufff

theres not much you can do without movies or hiring people >.>

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