What dessert should I bring to an informal dinner party?!

Question: What dessert should I bring to an informal dinner party?
My boyfriend and I are going to another couple's house for an informal get-together and I would like to bring them some kind of dessert (I would bring a bottle of wine, but I know they will be serving their home-made sangria). Should I simply buy something from the bakery (like Magnolia or Crumbs in NYC) or should I make a cake or something like that? If so, any recipe suggestions?




different flavored cupcakes.
pies are always nice
homemade chocolate chip cookies (from scratch of course!)
trifles are always pretty to look at and a conversation starter
If you wanted to bring a bottle of wine, why not try a dessert wine. I recommend any Moscato brand. It's light and delicious and it will compliment your dessert choice. well....maybe not with the pie

hope i help! :) enjoy.... (p.s. i am not affiliated with yummymummykitchen- I just LOVE the site:)


magnolia & crumbs are so overpriced and not even that tasty.

peanut butter pie...everyone loves it & it is easy to make!
brownies with a cream cheese or raspberry jam swirl on top
key lime pie
cheesecake with a fruit topping

these are my go to desserts on the fly

A pie would be nice. Since it is informal it is up to you.

I would bring a cake, sure!

Maybe a cream puff cake?

a cake is always easy and fun :)

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