Midnight feast ideas?!

Question: Midnight feast ideas?
Me and my girlfriend are going to be having a midnight feast, but we're a bit short on ideas of what to get! We would like to get some novelty sweets etc to try or even make some, could anyone give us some ideas? thanks!


My hubby and I have done this a couple of times and what we did was turn it into a carpet picnic, including the red checkered blanket and picnic basket.

My favorite meal is fried chicken but you can do any type of finger food you'd like, certainly doesn't have to be fancy.. We had our favorite potato salad and stuffed cabbage leaves. For sweets, I just can't resist homemade chocolate covered strawberries.

Have fun!

My college used to do midnight breakfasts during finals week. French toast, pancakes, bacon, cereal - most breakfast food is fast and easy to prepare, and really tasty in the middle of the night. If you're really into the idea of novelty sweets try brownies in muffin tins or chocolate covered strawberries. Both of those are fairly quick and easy, so even if you're not great in the kitchen you can whip them up. You could also get a butterscotch dip at the grocery store, and put just a little bit in each brownie before baking. It'll sink a little and you'll have a "treasure" inside each brownie.

Dominoes Pizza? Pizza Hut? McDonalds?

Asst. grapes, cheeses, crackers, beef sticks

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