Ideas for birthday party speech?!

Question: Ideas for birthday party speech?
Hi there,
Im working on a birthday party speech. I was told to write the speech because I generally do well in the english subject, I hardly even know the person, can you please give me some guidelines.

All help appreciated.



Try visiting this website:…

They have lots of poems already written out that you can read as your speech. Lots of choices here!

Good luck!

...and we know the person even less than you do ;)....

Is this a speech the birthday person has to say themself? Or is this a speech someone has to say about the birthday person?

Basically you thank everyone for coming to the party for the honoree and helping them to celebrate their ___th birthday in a memorable way!......(an idea would be to hand out 3x5 cards to guests beforehand and have them write down their favorite memory of the honoree)...collect them and have them presented in a scrapbook to keep. Then a comment can be made like "I see there's a lot of great comments here about me (or Honoree)...I'll be sure to keep these to remind me how valuable friendships and family can be>>>>(then add some humor...) I hope these are all G-Rated!" ;D

Then close by inviting everyone to enjoy the party ...and to keep the good memories going!

Well, just think _____________ (Person's Name), just ___________ (how old they turned) and nine months ago, you were an orgasm!!
Happy Birthday!

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