Hosting a party - what's the etiquette?!

Question: Hosting a party - what's the etiquette?
I decided to help a friend out by hosting a potluck this month because she really wants to host a BBQ-themed one next month since the weather will be warmer. She sent me a message yesterday TELLING ME (not asking) to add another person to MY guess list because this person was out with us a few months ago. For the most part, we have the same friends, and I already invited all our mutual friends. Now to be honest, I didn't meet this particular person that night nor do I remember her. What should I do? I'm a bit ticked off that I'm doing her a favor & on top of it she's telling me who to invite to my house. What's the etiquette here?


There are two things here. If you are hosting the party, then it is not your friend's, it is your party. It seems she is having you pay all the expenses of holding a party, yet is telling her friends it is her party. Is she hosting the BBQ party for you? No.
How good friends are you with her? It is your house,and you have the right to invite anyone you want. Talk to your friend, and come to an agreement, she should not be telling you who to invite, but you also don't want to ruin a friendship.
Do you have a friend you want to invite who has not met your friend and would most likely fit in? Invite that person, pleasantly tell your friend you have invited this other person. Her reaction will tell all.

Good luck

If you do not even know this person you do not have to invite them to your party. If your bossy friend would like to add this person as her plus 1 then fine but you do not have include any unknown person.
This is your party she is having hers next month let her make the choices then and if she has a fit then politely uninvite her too.

Allow it to happen and then she will owe you one.... And you can pull that card out and use it next time you want to bring out your lover or small child to a gathering.

i agree with bruce

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