Princess cake or chocolate chocolate chip cheese cake?!

Question: Princess cake or chocolate chocolate chip cheese cake?
so im planning my princess themed birthday party where i everyone is going to pick a princess and have that name on the back of the shirts but what i want to no is for my birthday cake should i get my favorite chocolate chocolate chip cheesecake which is the size of a cake or should i get a cake with the princesses on it?


Why not both? Get the cheesecake that you like, and then add princess decorations and candles on top. Icing doesn't really work with cheesecake, but you could add raspberries or strawberries for some extra color.

You got me... I found this.

chocolate chip princess cheesecake. that solves the problem.

I guess the princess one since that is your theme . But the cheesecake sounds really good.

The princess cake is still the best.

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