Help with my party please?!

Question: Help with my party please?
I'm planning my party now because last year I was totally unprepared last year. Anyways, my birthday is in June. My options on where to go are: Knoebels ( which I did last year), a near by water park, or my house. So tell me your options on those. ALSO, if you have any different ones that involve is being outside or anything like that, it would be greatly appreciated. Any sites or links to any website that you think might interest me from what I have given you are also appreciated. Ok. Thanks in advance.
Elizabeth <3
P.S I'm a girl and I"m so sorry fr the repeat question I was getting mean answers in my other.. :(


Hey Elizabeth! Planning early is wise! Here's a site that will give you a few more ideas:……

Have a great party in June and Happy Birthday!

pool parties are always fun ! or hotel parties!

This website will give you more help too:

look here for more ideas:

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