Thinking about having a baking party?..?!

Question: Thinking about having a baking party?..?
Im seeing and hearing that it's a good idea for like teens and younger girls and birthday parties. Or of course Christmas cookie exchange.

But I was thinking since all my friends and I have been so busy with our lives i thought if even in spring if we got everyone together to exchange baked goods it'd be a great idea for everyone to reconnect.

Im just tryin to figure out, what the hell we will do besides show up, exchange baked goods and munch...

Any ideas?
Im in the midst of having a baby shower, and two birthday parties coming up to help through so it's kind of overwhelming and im not looking into doing anything extravagant but def. looking for fun ideas!


How about having a bunco party? It is so much fun. I've played it with kids as young as 8, thru great-grandmothers. And all had so fun!!!

You could call it "Baking and Bunco" or something like that!…

haha I totally thought this was a differnt type of party. Just make sure to invite that hippy girl, her cookies are delicious!
Not sure how old you are but get your mom or yourself to buy ingredients for stuff, think about it like high school cooking class, groups of 3-4 make their own batch of stuff. Harder to coordinate by yourselves but it can be done

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