bachelorette cake ideas?!

Question: Bachelorette cake ideas?
one of my friends is having her bachelorette party in a few weeks and she defiantley wants a cake, any cake themes/ideas for the party, please not too inappropriate :)
thanks everyone


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I found this photo from a bakery in Las Vegas and it's a good bachelorette cake that's not inappropriate at all. Simple cake and you could use a regular sheet cake pan and just cut out the silhouette and then the wrap would be of fondant - really a cute idea and clean too!…

Good luck.

Google bachelorette cakes. Just did and you will be surprised. I would make it a white cake with whole cherries inside. You can look at the web sites for shape, I am too embarrassed!!!

of course everyone does the typical penis cakes, but bustier corset cakes are cute with like "last night out"

i'[d go classy - a cheesecake with berries

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