how many 4' subs for about 50 people?!

Question: How many 4' subs for about 50 people?
I'm have a baby shower with about 50 people. I am making 4' subs I was wondering how many I should make? We are also having potatoe and macaroni salad cucumber salad, deviled eggs, pickle platter, cole slaw, chips, doodles ect... and of course the cake desert


Measure about a 4" sandwich per person and a half a cup of the salads.

I am a Chef,caterer.

I would do at least one per person and then a couple extra. Now, if you have a lot of guys, then I would do a lot extra - men usually have bigger appetites so you'll need more sandwiches, but if it's mostly women, 1 per person and a few extra.

Good luck.

5-6 inches a person that is 5 or 6, 4 foot subs. Good Luck

Twenty Five Subs will do it!!

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