How to plan a surprise party to cheer someone up?!

Question: How to plan a surprise party to cheer someone up?
I've got this really depressed friend... and I need to cheer her up!!
I told my other friend who's usually the party planner type guy and he thought it was a good idea so I'll be in charge for once! :)

My house is pretty boring, I've only had maybe 4 or 5 friends over.
What should I do? What should we do for fun?
My friend has just been feeling like no one likes her and her parents have been fighting, and her mom has been treating her like ****!
What should I do??


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Maybe you could decorate your house with pretty streamers and balloons. Lol.
Lollies, food and drinks are good to have around.
Watch a movie/dvd.
Play games? e.g. Singstar, Guitar Hero, Twister, Wii (if you don't have these games maybe one of your friends do).
The chocolate game (instructions on how to play it:…
Listen/sing/dance to music.
If you and your friends like that kind of stuff, makeovers etc.
You could also try make a cake (or buy one if you have enough money.)

Hope it goes well! :)

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