so i'm turning 16.. :)?!

Question: So i'm turning 16.. :)?
let me keep this short

30 teens (co-ed if that matters)
one big backyard
not a big budget
in need of ideas of what we can do

there will be music...but i dont want it to just be music...i want some actual stuff we can do--all ideas are appreciated-- thanks in advance! :)


if you get 30 teens together in a big backyard they're going to be able to figure out things to do all on their own.

Just put some food out ;D Like popcorn, its fun to throw at other people or to try to catch it in your mouth.
You could hold contests. Like how many marshmallows can someone fit in there mouth.
You could make candy sushi. Lot of people do that at my school ;D
Silly string fight? Some typ of item or food to throw at people? Its fun :P
You could put out some tables and lay out some card games and board games.
You would buy some diet coke and mentos and explode them just for fun.
Thats all I can think of XD

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