14 th birthday party ideas!!! HELP PLEASE!!!! <3?!

Question: 14 th birthday party ideas!!! HELP PLEASE!!!! <3?
i is my birthday on October 8th and i need birthday party ideas!! i will be 14. i am a girl lol. thanks!! <3 <3 <3 <3


What I like to do is really the simple thing. Get a bunch of friends and just have a sleepver. Watch movies and have cake XD

A Jumper is still a great Idea. I did that on my 15th and everyone had a blast doing that. Even my serious friend who's two years older than me!

Friends find me for help.

take everyone to disney land. then back to ur place for a pool party and sleepover.

have a sleepover. put music on. dance. do the pranks people do on sleepover;)

Adventure Time posters
I'm not even joking

And cookie cake

what do you think
of a party on a pool

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