Party Planning Food, DO i need more food, what else should I make?HELP!?!

Question: Party Planning Food, DO i need more food, what else should I make?HELP!?
okay so I'm having about 35adults and 16 children rangin in age from less than one to 12. I'm planning on making two sterno trays of baked ziti, about 2lbs per tray, so 4 in total, this baked ziti includes meat. I'm making 50 hotdogs. and Having chicken nuggets for the little kids ( with some extra for adults). Also potato salad and a cheese,cracker,pepperoni tray, chips and dip, pretzels, and cheese curls. My fiance thinks we need to have something else, like sloppy joes? Any other suggestions? Do we really need something else?
Also how much soda should I buy, I'm getting some 3ltrs and some 2ltrs. Like 16oz per person?

This is my son's first birthday party. It's from 2-5pm so not exactly lunch or dinner. It's outside. Any suggestions would be great.


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Maybe some hamburgers.

You could also make some pinwheels. I always bring them to potlucks because they're super cheap to make, delicious and filling, and everyone loves them!
Usually just tortillas, cream cheese, and a meat or veggie; lay out 1 tortilla, spread one side completely with a thin layer of cream cheese, layer thin sliced meat, roll up, cut into half inch slices like mini sushi! You can also get creative and add cheese or lettuce, pickles, olives, whatever your guests like!

And your going to have cake and ice cream? that should be enough. As for soda ,we get about ^ 2 liters. maybe juice for kids.

so you have ziti with meat, hot dogs and chicken nuggets, potato salad and appetizers.

I agree with the fiance, you need another adult dish since there will be 35 of them!

meatballs go with ziti. You could then get away with not adding the meat to the pasta.
or you could keep the meat in the pasta and make sausage with peppers and onions.
chicken Parmesan would be tasty, but expensive and a lot of work, so that is out!
Stay away from sloppy joe, because it is sloppy!

you could change the menu entirely and go with hoagie platter and hot roast beef sandwiches
make the platter yourself by getting italian bread, adding meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion
slice it in pieces and stick a tooth pick in each piece = fancy! Put the roast beef and gravy in a crock pot with a basket of rolls next to it. This menu goes great with potato salad. keep the hotdogs and nuggets for the kiddies in the menu

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