How to decorate for a retro/classy party?!

Question: How to decorate for a retro/classy party?
I'm holding a party, and the theme is retro/class (Frank Sinatra-esque). Everyone is coming dressed nice, and we'll have some good ol' tunes on...but I don't know how to decorate. I have minimal funds right now, so any ideas?


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You could go for the "New York, New York" theme like his song--do black and silver with sparkling cityscape and glitzy disco balls and play his music. Fold napkins into a bow-tie: roll them up and just band the middle with something and fan out the napkin ends. Make your food table an eye-catching focal point and the mood will be set. Intertwine little white lights on top of the table....also put some intertwined on any large houseplants. (Easy to find now...many stores putting Xmas decorations out now..or find lights at craft/party store--look for online coupons, too).

Party store should have Empire State Bldg confetti to put on table (they sell it online, too). Hang silver streamers in doorways and drape into a curtain effect. Hang images of Sinatra up on a simple line with clips to make a banner effect. Place a "gangster" hat out here and there. Hang up dice for "Lady Luck"... Copy of scenes and/or titles from all his movies that were famous can be hung up also. Candlelight all around (go to dollar store for bunch of them). Get some fake silver platters and serving things from party store.

I would do low lighting and you could always go buy a couple blocks of dry ice and throw them in a bucket behind some furniture so it throws off that "smokey" room look - don't use too much you don't the Creature from the Black Lagoon - you want a smokey bar look. You could always put scarves over the lamps - but be careful they don't catch on fire.

And do as much black, dark wood and red and you can - like the red in those big upholstered booths. You could always buy some big pieces of cloth that are red or black and throw them over furniture.

Good luck.

Go with a black and white theme, and look here for specific decorating ideas:…

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