How do i combine my husband and daughter's bday party?!

Question: How do i combine my husband and daughter's bday party?
My husband's bday is 12/4 and my daughter's is 12/5. I feel bad because my husbands birthday is sorta always forgotten. He doesn't mind but i want to include him in the party. My daughter will be 8 this year and my husband will be 29. Any ideas? Oh and the party will be on my husband's bday this year. My daughter wants zebra print with pink, purple and lime green.


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You should have a daddy daughter dance.

don't do that!
your husband will feel like you don't care enough, and your daughter will be embarrassed that it's her dad's party too. seperate them. if you had a son it would be a bit more reasonable.. but I don't advise it...

Do a safari themed party your daughter as zebra and your hubby as a lion for example.

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