what to do at a 12 year olds party?!

Question: What to do at a 12 year olds party?
I'm having some friends over an i have no idea what to do or where to take them. Please help!


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Ask everyone to bring all the pillows they can, set them on the floor, and have a big sleepover in the living room. Rent some funny dvds from blockbuster and get A LOT of candy and pop corn and drinks and just hang out!

Is it a sleepover? A birthday party? Or just to hang out? Are they all girls/mixed??? How many ppl?
Well if your just gonna 'hang' :) then start off by watching a movie, gossip, talk about school/ life/ watever I DONT KNOW.
give more info nxt Tiyme plz

I Thout u had to be 13 to go on here?
Who cares!
My source? Ketchup

Well, here are some possible ideas:
1) Have a sleepover w/ them
2) Take them to the movies or rent and watch movies at your house
3) Take them to the ice/roller rinks
4) Bowling
5) Board games, truth or dare, etc
6) Go to the mall and shop

Drink grandpas cough medicine

peniata popping....... maybe play musical chair, or fun games..... if its out side...take ur kid to chukee cheese

you dont wana call ur friends and drink

is that a birthday party?

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