Christmas dinner in the evening - what to serve?!

Question: Christmas dinner in the evening - what to serve?
I am working christmas eve night so am wanting to try and avoid a mad rush christmas day by having to have lunch on the table early.
I am now thinking (instead of eating out) of cooking the dinner to eat in the evening about 6pm.
I was looking for some ideal recipes or suggestions of what to have on the menu. I was thinking of chicken instead of turkey as i find chicken tastier.
Any suggestions for starters?


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A light easy starter is best if you are avoiding slaving over the cooker all day, as your chicken will only take an hour and a half to cook, I'd go with a plate of thinly sliced melon drizzled in raspberry coulis or a prawn cocktail with lettuce as a starter, your usual veg and trimmings with the chicken and whatever sauces you like then traditional deserts. Starters dont need to be filling at christmas due to all the extra food on offer that day, the days before and after! I'd advice some nice warming soup and hot out of the oven rolls for lunch, otherwise everyone will be picking all day hungry for the big dinner.

You can take a look at the Christmas recipes here… Includes ideas for cookies, side dishes, pies, turkey, ham, and more. As far as the chicken goes you could try baked chicken or baked hen maybe.

Things that I or my Mom prepare for Christmas include:

Pinapple glazed ham.
Mashed potatoes and gravy.
Sweet potatoes.
Candied yams.
Au Gratin potatoes.
Dinner rolls.
Cornbread stuffing or dressing.

butternut squash soup…


Here is a suggestion,
Italians apparent eat seafood on Christmas eve.

do the turkey for dinner etc

it's lunch you'll have to worry about

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