14th Girls JointBirthday Party?!

Question: 14th Girls JointBirthday Party?
HELP EVERYONE, me and my friend are having a joint party for October, quite soon and we really need some help for thinking up good ideas for a party ;
we dont want a disco because too many people have had them,
no swimming parties [we're both body concious]
ice skating & roller skating are out of the picture [dont have anything like that where we live]

we were thinking a big party with girls and boys, we wanted to rent out a village hall and the field behind it, but that kinda seems lame. and dont have any ideas to do for outdoors activities tings and indoors what do we do?

nothing childish, were quite grown up really,
sleeppover? well not camping out or sleeping in the hall etc. they dont allow it,and my mum wouldnt allow camping with no supervision, boys i wouldnt mind sleeping over aswell, but i was thinking the girls stayed and the guys left at like 9 or 10 pm, and only the girls slept over, but there isnt anywhere to sleeep!? unless they came back to her or my house..... HELP ME
anyone have really good teen birthday ideas

(: thanksss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Okay first your 14 BE A KID! Since you guys are grown up and all do something childish to surprise everyone! Like have a cupcake fight or get a big place hand balloons with paint in them and trow darts at them. A water balloon fight. Have this weird cake with carebears on it. Do random things. Happy birthday!

I'm 15 and thats my party

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