Sweet sixteen party ideas?!

Question: Sweet sixteen party ideas?
My sweet sixteen is in a month and I can't decide what to do. I don't want to have a massive party. I just want to do something with about 8 friends or so. Any fun, inexpensive ideas?


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murder mystery dinner party!
i did one for my 15th & 16th and there's so many different things!
It's so much fun! :)

here's a link...


Get a private showing of a movie at a theatre
Go out to eat
Have a spa party
Go on a shopping trip
Since your birthday is in October, Go on a group trip to a haunted house.
Make Mini Cakes and have each of your friends come to your house and have fun decorating the cakes for you.
Beach(if you live near one)

Think outside the box! hope i helped

you can have a bowling party or a movie, u can also have a shopping scavenger hunt with ur friends have 4 teams and do things like take a picture of a manikin or take a picture of a baby store, picture of a hat,or a picture of a purple scarf u should have tons of fun happy bday

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