birthday sleepover ideas?!

Question: Birthday sleepover ideas?
im having a birthday sleepover
im turning 14 years
what kind of fun things can my friends and i do?
: )


Buy a bunch of magazines and you can look at them together, do the quizzes in the magazines - find best dressed & worst dressed celebrities etc.
Download music and listen to music. Do each other's makeup.
EAT FOOD! haha, go out and get a lot of junkfood. Order pizza for dinner.
Play video games, watch movies. Take a lot of pictures =) Have fun and happy birthday!

Have an all nighter with a movie marathon with...
The Wedding Date
Italian Job
Sisterhood of the traveling pants 1 and 2
Blades of Glory
The Holiday
The Devil Wears Prada

You could play the game Guess What I'm Drinking!
And Camera Tag

Talk about secrets
invite 5 girls or so and go shoppin
go to the movies
pool party
get pizza
eat candy
TP get toliet paper and throw it in the trees

Play board games, make popcorn and talk about boys.

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