ideas for an amazing race birthday party?!

Question: Ideas for an amazing race birthday party?
i just turned 14 and im having my party next saturday. i want to have an amazing race party in my neighborhood. im inviting 18 people and we're gonna have teams of 2 or 3. do you have any ideas for inexpensive challenges or prizes? or tips or anything else? thanks!


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I am not too familiar with the Amazing Race, but we recently did it as a challenge for the youth at church.

Each team had three members, and they had to stay together for the entire "race".

All of the clues, for each team, were hidden in the same places but on different colored paper. They were each given a different first clue, and then when they found that site it would lead them to the next. They had to keep track of what order they found them in (so that they did not accidentally find one or know where one was because they saw other teams there) and the first team to finish and have it right were the winners.

A bible verse about marriage led our youth teams to the altar, for instance, one about singing praises to the Lord led them to the choir loft, there were clues that led them to the copy machine in the office, the basketball court, etc.

You would need someone else to prepare the race for you, if you want to participate, but it could involve clues about which house you would go to for the best cookies, where everyone likes to hang out most, something like that? Or related to a neighbors favorite sports team.

Challenges? eating as many cookies as possible, or eating X number of cookies the quickest. Doing a backflip on the trampoline, swimming a lap in the pool (even if it means fully clothed because they had no swimsuit)?

Prizes? Small prizes such as candy, funky prizes such as mismatch socks (available at Toys R Us), medium prizes such as a DVD or CD (you can find them for $5) and a big prize such as a gift certificate (not necessarily for a lot- $15 to iTunes, $10 to WalMart, etc).

Sounds fun- best of luck!

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