12 year old party ideas?(:?!

Question: 12 year old party ideas?(:?
i turned 12 yesterday. i didnt have a bday party so i want to have a halloween party. i dont want to have it at my house though... is it possible to rent out a bowling aly and have it there? where are other places i could have it? thanksss.


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Try having it at a local park, that way it makes it feel more erry that combines with the halloween theme. Also you could rent out a local association building or something close by. Maybe so you don't have to spend money, ask a friend or family member to have it at their house or in their backyard. Here are some places to check out for decorations if you haven't started looking yet: orientaltrading.com (has tons of halloween stuff), partypro.com, birthdayexpress.com, walmart, target, dollar tree, etc. It may be cool if you make up cool games like bob for an apple, pin the tail on the ghost or something. Research it on google or bing and they should give you tons of cool options. If I was planning an Halloween Party I would definitely include a HAUNTED HOUSE!!! Not too scary unless you want it too. All you need is a room or a backyard to hang black tablecloths and decorate it with scary props and possibly actors (orientaltrading.com has haunted house items at cheap and reasonable prices). Whatever you do have fun. And HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!

your local youth club/centre may allow you to higher out their hall to you. And your idea of having at the bowling ally sounds fun, you don't even need to book that, you can just turn up with your friends. Whatever you decide have loads of fun and happy birthday for yesterday! :-)

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