Should I have a 16th birthday party?!

Question: Should I have a 16th birthday party?
I kind of want one but i am SUPER shy and I don't like the center of attention. If I had one it would be a do-whatever-you-want party with dancing and stuff. Should I have one? I thought of people who I could invite and I could only think of 40.


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I'm also extremely shy and turned down a sixteen party for many reasons
Like you said, I didn't want all that attention on me and I also wanted to save that money and get something really cool for my sixteenth instead of one night that may or may not be very awkward for me. But if you're thinking about it too much then you probably want one more that you don't want one and it's better to have one and enjoy it instead of regret it because you'll only turn sixteen once :)
If you can get through the shyness then I'd say go for it!

you dont have to have a ton of people at your party. if you want 10, invite 10! i had 12 people at my party because im the same way, im superrrr shy. you can have 40 if you want but you dont have to have this super huge giant party. you could do something really cool with like 10 of your best friends or 40 of your friends. you could have a sleepover with your best friends and go to the movies and out to dinner or something like that. (just a suggestion)

but you only turn 16 once. you should have a party if you want one. if you dont, you could have your parents spend the party money on a present instead. its your choice. :)

yeahh .. i think everyone should have a sweet 16 :)

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