what's a good food theme?!

Question: What's a good food theme?
i have to cook for these people and i was wondering what a good theme was? i have so far mexican style...anything better?


You could do a theme on colors...like a tray of green, yellow, brown, red foods.

Indian! Curry is earthy yet spicy. There are so many foods that go with this theme that are fun. In Indian cuisine they eat their foods with bread and hands instead of utensils. If your guests are not afraid to eat with their hands then this might be fun. Also, you can dress up in a Sari. They come really beautiful and it will be a full immersion experience.

If your guests aren't really for that kind of fun and you need a more upscale style try a place in America and run with that theme, like southern classics or Texas style. Southern classics you can do ham, corn on the cob, and really gourmet macaroni. Texas is steak and potatoes or good chilli.

Have fun!

I don't think it's a question of "better"....just what you feel comfortable with preparing. Like someone said..Italian is popular....so is Asian (sushi...or stir-fry meal w/rice)>>>lots of ideas with those menus.

And if it's something from here in the USA>>>here's a site that gives you each state's famous foods and recipe ideas as a starting point of reference>>>>http://www.foodtimeline.org/statefoods.h…
You can feature something from each coast , the heartland, north and south :D.

Have a black and white party, the foods and drinks have to one or the other or both........sliced chicken, turkey, blackened catfish, black olives, white cheese, etc.

Italian or junk food lol

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